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Sanpoil Tributaries Riparian Restoration Project

The Sanpoil River runs the entire length of the Colville Confederated Tribes’ Reservation (CCTR). Water quality monitoring by staff from Tribal Environmental Trust identified excessively high water temperatures and low levels of dissolved oxygen, plus excessive turbidity, in the main stem of the river. Environmental Trust technical staff identified old logging roads that were poorly-located and poorly constructed as one source.



Project Summary and Results

To address the identified problems, the CCTR Environmental Trust decommissioned 6.4 miles of worn-out forest roads and restored 15.6 acres of riparian habitat. Once the roads were decommissioned, the Environmental Trust began work to establish new riparian buffers in compliance with tribal forestry regulations. Expected improvements from the project will include lower water temperatures, higher dissolved oxygen levels, and lower sediment levels in the river. This project is part of a ten-year watershed restoration plan. It complements our efforts and the Colville National Forest’s efforts toward the same goals.

Key Partners

Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation Environmental Trust Department; Washington State Department of Ecology, Washington State
Conservation Commission, Ferry Conservation District

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