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Planning Our Community

Join the opportunity to regain Republic's self-sufficiency.

Community Garden Committee Meeting

March 6th, 12:00 PM | Republic Church of the Nazarene

Grant Awarded by the National Association of Conservation Districts

The NACD Urban Agriculture Conservation Grant Initiative provides the Ferry Conservation District with funds to plan and organize a community garden within the town of Republic. Establishing the garden's location was done after partnering with the Republic Church of the Nazarene and forming a planning committee. The next steps are to design operation protocol for future use as well as the materials needed for constructing the garden on the Church's property. The District will apply for the NACD implementation grant in spring of 2024 which will fund the construction, materials, and equipment needed to implement the garden!


After several months of planning, the Ferry CD will Apply for the NACD UAC Implementation Grant.

This grant will provide funding for the actual implementation of the Community Garden. The application will be sent in before April 1st. Ferry CD should be notified of the award by June. 


If grant is awarded, funds will be available by early July 2024, initiating the construction phase.

With the allotted funds, the garden site will take on a beautiful makeover. The site will be leveled, water access will be fixed from the current state, and most importantly- raised beds and a deer fence will be installed!


The Republic Community Garden will be available for use by the following 2025 growing season. 

If installation goes as planned, garden plots will be available for rent by summer of 2025. If you have suggestions on how to make the garden last longer, run smoother, or grow better -please fill out the survey above or contact Mckenzi at the Conservation District office.

Community Kitchen Garden

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