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Girl Running in Field at Sunset

Education and Outreach

ROAR Field Trip with Second Graders Spring 2024

On March 27, we had an educational day focused on environmental activities such as planting seeds, learning about weeds, preventing erosion and observing birds.

Surveying 2.jpg

The students planted some seeds and then brought them back to the classroom. They plan to compare the height differences as the seeds germinate. The Ferry County Weed Board came to teach the students about various types of weeds that are present in our area. The students also utilized their prior knowledge of erosion and used materials around the property to prevent it from happening. Lastly, the students took a beautiful walk around the property to observe and watch for birds.

ROAR Field Trip with Second Graders Fall 2023

On October 25th, 2023 the Republic Second Grade class visited us out on the Conservation District Property again!

Surveying 2.jpg

Students explored the district property and went through stations learning about native pollinators, weeds, and erosion. We all got together and trimmed golden willow clippings that were then planted by the second graders along the Herron Creek stream bank.

2023 Lake Roosevelt Water Festival

In early September, kids (3rd-5th grade) traveled to Sherman Creek Fish Hatchery and the Kettle Falls Swimming Beach from all over Stevens and Ferry County to attend the Lake Roosevelt Water Festival.


Our scenic spot provided us with great examples of riparian zones and allowed us to show the differences between healthy and unhealthy riparian areas. Kids got to run around as water molecules, dodging plants, demonstrating on a physical level how important vegetation is to stream erosion and flow. We also got to play around in a stream table and watch up close how the lack of plants increases sedimentation in water.

Soil Sampling 6.jpg
ROAR Field Trip with Second Graders Spring 2023

On April 26th, 2023 the Republic Second Grade class visited us out on the Conservation District Property!

Surveying 2.jpg

From wetlands to the forest- students learned soil sampling techniques and how to survey tree plots. 

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