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Riparian Restoration

 These photographs from several different projects we have completed demonstrate the process of restoring a damaged riparian area.


When streambanks erode, silt enters the stream, degrading the habitat for fish and other aquatic species. The eroded banks in this late summer photo show the effects of the high spring flow.


We have assisted several landowners in the past few years with streambank stabilization.  Here is an illustration of one method of strengthening a streambank: anchoring large woody debris (LWD) into the bank.  This helps prevent erosion during periods of high water.


Once the streambank is stabilized, a fence will be constructed (set back from the stream) to keep livestock from damaging the streambank.

After a streambank is stabilized and fenced to keep livestock out, often an alternate watering source is provided for livestock.

Off-stream watering trough.JPG
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