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Voluntary Stewardship Program

VSP is a collaborative/nonregulated process that helps Washington communities ensure healthy landscapes and strong farms for the future. Through VSP, counties work with local residents to develop a plan to manage growth, protect critical areas, and maintain viable agriculture.

Managing population growth and development ​

  • Our state’s Growth Management Act (Chapter 36.70A RCW) requires all counties to develop plans for managing population growth and development.

  • The plans must identify and protect five types of critical areas, including places where critical areas occur on agricultural lands.

  • Plans also preserve farmland by preventing urban growth from crowding out agriculture. ​

Supporting agriculture and natural resources 

  • Before 2011, the main tool for counties to ensure protection of critical areas on agricultural land was regulation.

  • Regulation of agricultural landowners can threaten farm viability and lead to legal battles.

  • VSP was created in 2011 to give counties the option to use locally driven watershed plans and voluntary, incentive-based tools to protect critical areas on farmland. ​​​

  • Ferry County's VSP plan was approved in 2018.

Ferry County VSP

Plan Implementation Progress

VSP Updates & Resources

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Goals met!

We're making great progress since contracted in 2018 towards completing the programs requirements!

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Agendas & Minutes

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Meeting Agenda
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