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Completed Projects

Much of the technical and cost-share assistance we provide to landowners has a common goal of improving water quality.  

Riparian Restoration

These photographs from several different projects we have completed demonstrate the process of  restoring a damaged riparian area.

Betschart Erosion of Shoreline Summer 2017   2.jpg

Kettle River Riparian Stabilization

Over the past 75+ years, the
riparian area along this reach of the
Kettle River has suffered serious

Betschart Erosion of Shoreline Summer 2017.jpg

Protecting the Sanpoil River Corridor

The Sanpoil
River winds for 70 miles through Ferry

Guardian walls of the Sanpoil River Valley.jpg

Repairing and Replacing Fish Passage Barriers

Another important water-related conservation issue we have addressed is the removal of fish passage barriers.

fish passage barrier 3.jpg

Sanpoil Tributaries Riparian Restoration Project

The Sanpoil River runs the entire
length of the Colville Confederated
Tribes’ Reservation (CCTR)...


School Greenhouse Construction Project

Resource-based industries,
including agriculture, have
historically provided employment
for a segment of Ferry County’s local
high school graduates...

Greenhouse - front view completed.jpg
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