Ferry Conservation District

Board Meeting

USDA Conference Room

January 28, 2015


Supervisors Present                                                            Others Present

Dave Konz, Board Chair                                             Lloyd Odell, District Manager                                                                                                  

Randall Hansen, Supervisor                                       Candy Lammon, Staff

Charlotte Coombes, Supervisor                                 Rochelle Osborne, FCNWCB

Eric Bracken, Supervisor                                           Bill Chamberlin, Staff

Elaine Preston, Supervisor                                          Patrice Beckwith, NRCS



Interim Chair, Dave Konz called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.



  • CONSENT AGENDA: Meeting minutes from the December 29, 2014. Charlotte Coombes moved to approve the consent agenda, Dave Konz seconded. Motion carried.

  • Treasurer’s Report and Accounts Payable: Warrants, EFT’S.

  • Executive Session: None.


  • Guest Reports:


Rochelle Osborne: 2014 Review.

  • Private Acres treated =204

  • Rail Corridor Miles Treated=70

  • Ferry County Roadside Miles Treated=676

  • WWHAM Inspections Conducted =3

    • Total Acres=80

  • Grants and Projects:

  • BIA- Spray BIA roads and Survey for Noxious Weeds on the Colville Reservation= 376 miles sprayed; 2,813 miles surveyed.

    • RAC Title II – Ferry County Invasive Weed Control Project. 463 Acres treated & 7,558 acres protected in 2014.

    • WSDA Grant Funded Common Bugloss & Orange Hawkweed -  40 Acres treated

    • WSDA Grant Funded Japanese Knotweed – 8 sites Surveyed, 0.58 Acres treated.

    • Noxious Weed Workshop: February 24, 2015, handout.


Patrice Beckwith:

  • February 21st, Washington Women in Agriculture in Spokane.

  • Voluntary Planning sign up March 20th.


  • District Manager Written Report; Lloyd Odell: Lloyd presented his written report. Mike Baden is our new Regional Manager for the Conservation Commission. Mike plans to attend the February 25th meeting.

Next Long Range Plan Work Session is scheduled for March 11, 1:00pm until 5:00pm. Need to have homework assignments from Stu done by this meeting.

WACS Legislative days are scheduled for March 24 and 25 in Olympia.

WSCC Good Governance Self Evaluation Work Sheets are due. Eric Bracken and Charlotte Coombes volunteered to attend on February 9th afternoon.

Plant sale is going great; orders are being filled each day.

Forestry Projects: forest health projects, agreed to get around 240 acres windfall funding from WA DNR.

Centennial Clean Water Fund Grant: Our score in high 700’s .Have not received official notice yet. Water quality cleanup in county is $325,000- 75% ecology.


  • Old Business; in summary of motions and agreements.

  • New Business: 

Alan Walker resigned position as an Associate Supervisor January 14, 2015.


  • Other Topics:

Board talked about changing winter meetings times to Noon until 2pm. Eric Bracken moved to approve, Elaine Preston seconded. Motion carried.

Web site: Randall Hansen will train Bill Chamberlin on how the web site works. Also to have on site Best projects, before and after pictures. Have board minutes on site. An educational section, calendar widget, interactive links (emails, applications, ect.). Annual plan, 5 year plan.  Noxious weeds section. Articles for The View.



  • Public Comment; None


     Chair Dave Konz adjourned the meeting at 7:20 p.m.



 Ferry Conservation District Board Meeting January 28, 2015

         Meeting Minutes respectfully submitted this 25th day of February, 2015.





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Candy Lammon, FCD Staff                                       Board Supervisor