The 2021 Spring Plant Sale (Drive-Thru)Pickup is Coming!

No, we will not be delivering plants this year.  Instead we will have a COVID -safe drive-thru pickup at the Ferry County Fairgrounds, Friday, April 16, 10 AM to 4 PM and Saturday, April 17 9 AM to 1 PM.   Please park in the designated spot and stay in your vehicle.  We will bring your plants to you. Once we have dropped your order off by your vehicle, you may get out and load your plants.

Plant Sale Flyer  


General information about plants, costs, how to order, when to pick up plants.  For entire flyer including order sheet, click here.  (Note:  some plants are sold out.  See updated list here.)

Apple tree drawing.png

Plant Sale Informational Article  


More details about each plant sold, with info about soil requirements, plant hardiness zone, mature size, pollination requirements, deer and wildfire tolerance, etc.  For the complete article, click here.

How Do I Plant It?


Below are links to the information you need to get your new plants in the ground properly. Please contact us (509-775-3473 ext. 100) if you have any additional questions. (Info about planting grape and lavender is from various sources [cited].  Info about other plants is sourced from the wholesale nurseries providing plants to us.)

Fruit Trees (bare root):

Granny Smith apple, McIntosh apple, Crab apple, Bosc pear: click here 

Raspberries (bare root):

Canby raspberryclick here

Caroline raspberryclick here

Rhubarb (separated crowns):

Crimson cherry rhubarb: click here

Grape (containerized):

Himrod grapeclick here

English Lavender (containerized):

Folgate, Melissa, and Royal velvet lavender): click here or click here (two different articles)

Native and Ornamental Trees and Shrubs (containerized [plugs]) - Western larch, Ponderosa pine, Colorado blue spruce, Wood's rose, Mock orange:  click here

caroline raspberry.jpg
ponderosa 2.jpg