2018 Spring Plant Sale

We Still Have

Plants Available


We've been very busy since fall pouring over nursery websites and catalogs.  As a result, we've offered a great selection of native and ornamental trees, shrubs and vines, as well as edible fruit, berries, and vegetables - all suited for the growing conditions here in Ferry County.  This year we have introduced hops for the very first time. 


At this point in time, we have the following plants still available: Redhaven peach, Skeena cherry, shuksan and albion strawberry, asparagus, blue elderberry, hop rhizomes,  and quaking aspen.


Plants are sold by pre-order only.  To place an order, call us at 775-3473 Ext 100 or email us at candy.lammon@conservewa.net .  Plant pickup will be on Friday and Saturday, April  20 and 21.

You can find our flyer/order form here For detailed information on the plants to be offered, click here